Dihlmann Organic Trading (DOT)

is an international company  based in Germany. DOT is also connected with organic production branches, namely: Dihlmann Organic Farming, Ukraine, Iwano-Frankivsk, and Biolandhof Dihlmann, Germany, Iden.

DOT`s main activities include:

1. Consultancy 

We pride ourselves on being specialised in our ability to provide processing and distribution of organic
seed, trade and advanced consultancy in all aspects of organic agricultural production; providing our partnerships with experienced techniques and skill adhering to organic practices.

2. Trade

We supply our clients favourable sales conditions in terms of payment and delivery for grain and oil crops. We are skilled and interested in establishing long-lasting customer collaborations based on pre-harvest contracts, with mutually assured prices, quantities and quality of goods.
3. Import of farm machinery
          We import farm machinery from western Europe to Ukraine and we can supply you with special
          technologies for organic farming.
          In 2021 we plan to import used farm machinery also from USA and Canada.

Our Partners:

Our Team

Michael Dihlmann, MSc
Trade and Consultancy

+49 172 1798570

Benedikt Mayer, MSc
Export cooperations

+49 160 93985939

You can also contact us via Viber or WhatsApp.
We are available for you all day long.