Dihlmann Organic Trading (DOT)

is an international company  based in Germany. DOT is also connected with organic production branches, namely: Dihlmann Organic Farming, Ukraine, Iwano-Frankivsk, and Biolandhof Dihlmann, Germany, Iden.

The Company itself is certified by AbCert  ( DE-ÖKO-006 ) and works internationally within the frameworks of EU organic legislation #834/2007.

DOT`s main activities include:

1. Consultancy 

We pride ourselves on being specialised in our ability to provide processing and distribution of organic
seed, trade and advanced consultancy in all aspects of organic agricultural production; providing our partnerships with experienced techniques and skill adhering to organic practices.

2. Trade

We supply our clients favourable sales conditions in terms of payment and delivery for grain and oil crops. We are skilled and interested in establishing long-lasting customer collaborations based on pre-harvest contracts, with mutually assured prices, quantities and quality of goods.

Our Partners:

DOT has two main dimensions in trade: organic raw materials (grains and oil crops) and organic seeds.

Organic seeds are essential part of a high-quality organic production, that’s why we provide highly resistant and quality tested varieties of crops for the Ukrainian market with fair price conditions.  

We expect to conduct reliable new seed business with Ukrainian farmers, to share the technology and maintain organic grain varieties in Ukraine. Сurrently, we are working on the idea of establishing a modern highly-advanced and well-equipped organic Demonstration Center in Iwano-Frankivsk region, that will fulfill our seed mission in Ukraine.


Our vision…

..and what we provide:

-Advice in organic technology, production, harvesting, storage and certification.
-Favourable trade conditions for exports based on long-term and pre-harvest contracts.

What we expect as understatement:

-Reliable partnerships with Ukrainian farmers.
-Full traceability with fair business and trade conditions.

On a long perspective we are building reliable trade and professional relations with players from the Ukrainian organic market. We are ready to share organic experience and get a mutually favorable results for all sides!

Our Team

Michael Dihlmann, MSc
Trade and Consultancy

+49 172 1798570

Benedikt Mayer, MSc
Export cooperations

+49 160 93985939

You can also contact us via Viber or WhatsApp.
We are available for you all day long.